Connecting MindWave Mobile Headset to Bluesmirf Silver

Hello Everyone,

I am doing a project using the Mindwave Mobile Headset. The outputs of the Mindwave Mobile Headset are attention and meditation values from 0 to 100. We want these values. We decided the best way to get this data from the bluetooth headset and use it with my arduino uno is to use a bluesmirf silver.

My group and I have tried pairing the headset to the bluesmrf silver on a mac computer (Not sure if this is relevant) numerous times. We used the instructions from this link Mindwave-basic - Basic serial-debug demo of reading and parsing da… | Mbed

We are able to get the bluesmirf in command mode to configure it but when we disconnect the power to then reboot the bluesmirf silver and pair it to the bluetooth Mindwave Mobile headset it fails.

Please let me know how to fix this so that the Headset can pair with the bluesmirf or if their is another way to get the data from the mindwave mobile headset.

Thank You so Much :slight_smile:


I have exactly the same problem, has anyone found the solution to this?

It would be great if you could share the solution.

I have the same problem too!

Did you guys find a solution?

I am trying to connect my Mindwave Mobile to an Arduino with a BlueSMirF Silver. I followed this tutorial entirely: mindwave_mobile_and_arduino [NeuroSky Developer - Docs]

After configuring the BlueSMirF to automatically connect with the Mindwave, I got stuck. They just don't connect. So I reset my BlueSMirF to factory settings and took the steps of this tutorial again from the beginning. After a few times of doing this I gave up.

Does anyone have any ideas what to do next?

Maybe my BlueSMirF settings are wrong?

Mode =Auto

Thanks in advance for helping!!


I have found the solution to my problem!

It can either be:

  • The Mindwave pairing memory is full, so it cannot pair to the BlueSMirF. Therefore, try to erase the pairing memory by holding pair for 6 seconds or more.
  • The authentication setting on the BlueSMirF should be set to 0. (mine was on 1 by default) To do this, type SA,0 when the BlueSMirF is in config mode.

In my opinion Neurosky's tutorial ( ) had some very important parts missing. Therefore, these are some important comments to the tutorial:

Step 1

  • You can also find the Mindwave’s Mac address via a simple phone app, such as “Power Bluetooth Scanner” (for Android)
    Step 2
  • Soldering is necessary!! I tried it first by just holding the pins to the board, but it was too unstable
    Step 3
  • After pairing the BlueSMirF to computer, make sure there is a serial port for the BlueSMirF, and otherwise press the “+” button
  • Set protocol to “Modem”
  • Connect via Arduino’s Serial Monitor :
    o Make sure the right Serial Port is selected (when using CoolTerm, perform a rescan when port is not found)
    o Make sure the right Baud Rate is selected (BlueSMirF’s default is 115200)
    o Start with “No line ending” and type $$$
    o Continue with “ New line” and type D etc.
    o Set authentication to 0 by typing SA,0
  • When connecting the Mindwave to BlueSMirF, make sure the Mindwave’s pairing memory is erased. Therefore hold pair for more than 6 seconds.
  • If it did not work, you can reset the Bluetooth to original factory settings as follows: - YouTube and you can try again.

Great solution. Worked for me. I am connected now. But....

Though I'm able to connect the Bluesmirf to Mindwave mobile, I cant seem to receive any data over serial port from my arduino mega 2560. Any suggestions?

I have a solid blue light on mindwave and green on bluesmirf. Beyond that nothing seems to function.

Great that it helped you! What (sample) code did you upload to your Arduino?

The one provided right after the diagram on this page.

Code attached ( Too long for this post. “The message exceeds the maximum allowed length (9500 characters).” )

I tried to put a serial print statement in beginning of the loop(). Didn’t receive any response on serial.
Serial communication with any other code works.

mindwave_mobile_arduino_sample_code (2).docx (5.34 KB)

Is there any way to troubleshoot this issue?

I noticed this is an old subject, but I am having about the same problem. I am making a RC car that can move by the "Mindwave Mobile 2" I am having trouble pairing the mindwave mobile 2 to the HC-05 while hooked up to the Arduino Uno. If anyone has done something similar to this or knows a better way to do this, please help, I have been working on this for days with no luck. thank you very much.