Connecting Multiple MPU6050es together to a Single Arduino UNO


I’m trying to create a glove that can track the motion of a hand. I’m therefore using ten MPU6050 sensors in order to do that. I need to connect all the MPU6050s to a single Arduino UNO so that I can extract the information. However, I don’t know how to connect them all with a Mulitiplexer? Are there any other ways of connecting them so that i can collect the information as fast and efficient as possible?

Have you looked at the data sheet? Using the MPU60X0 that has the SPI interface would give the opportunity to connect 10 devices. For fast and efficient you might want to review how fast and efficient you are going to get from a 8 bit UNO running at 16Mhz. Have a look here to see if there are other options that may give you better options of fast and efficient