Connecting NodeMCU 12E to 8 Channel Relay

I have connected my NodeMCU 12E to my 8 Channel Relay (JQC-3FF-S-Z). When I turn the relays on and off, the individual relay indicator LEDs work but there is no clicking sound and therefore the relay doesn’t switch. Is this problem related to voltage supply or board connections?


Wire Connections:
Relay IN1 - IN8 connected to D0, D1, D2, D3, D5, D6, D7, SD3.
Relay VCC → NodeMCU Vin
Relay GND → Relay GND
Relay yellow jumper is attached

I have also attached the wire connections diagram.

It would be very helpful if the problems in the circuit were pointed out. Thank you.

1 channel's coil takes around 24 mA @5V, little less @ 3.3V (provided by your ESP)

too bad your ESP can not supply that much current, you need to power relays from external power supply

( 5V, 2A ) will do