Connecting Piezo Vibration Sensor to Arduino

How do I connect the Piezo Vibration Sensor to the Arduino? This is the one that I have:

Please reply... Thanks!

A question like this is better in the hardware interface section but never mind.

Connect one end to ground, the other end to the anode of a diode. Connect the cathode of the diode to an analogue input and connect a 1M resistor from that input to ground. Also connect a 0.1uF capacitor from the input to ground.

Mount the sensor on a motor with an offset weight to give you a test vibrations. That sensor is not very sensitive so it has to rattle quite a bit to get a reading from it.

Some additional info: The diode needs to be a zener. It protects the arduino input pin by sending excessively high voltage to ground.

Don't know that a capacitor is necessary. Google "spooky arduino" to see how one guy did it. I used his method and it works fine.

Good luck!