Connecting the SCL3300-D01-PCB to the ESP8266

Hello guys,

I was looking for a very sensitive inclinometer and first found the SEN0386 from DFROBOT (Serial 6-Axis Accelerometer/Gyroscope Module for Arduino Wiki - DFRobot). Then I heard about the ADIS16203 (ADIS16203 Datasheet and Product Info | Analog Devices) which looks fine.

But the one I'm interested now is the SCL3300 ( I found it can be sold on a PCB (
My problem is I need to connect it to an ESP8266 but I'm not sure at all how connect it. Could you please help me on this?
What do you think of my choices? Would you go with something else?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

On the Murata site, a "development" board is sold to accompany the MEMS sensor, Digging in there in the PDF, is a connection diagram of signals:

I have not verified these signals against a ESP8266, a uC that I/O is model-centric. The dev-board offered is an Atmel board.


This is very common but most of the time unnecessary. Start with the task the device will be a part of and define the quality of the end result. The go backwards and search for the proper device.

Very sensitive devices often costs way more than You are prepared to pay.

I understand why you're saying that, but I'm working in a small company and we need the most accurate sensors. And they need to be calibrated. These sensors could be used in court records to measure inclination of buildings, and we can't use 2$ sensors. I think this SCL3300 might be a good solution.

Thanks for this solution. I'm not sure how to use it with the esp but looks interesting.

Still, what's the accuracy needed? You need to know that. Else You face the risk of spending resources, time, money, company plans, obtaining an unsufficient result.
Without well specified demands no helper should give any advice.
If this is the best device available, then start experimenting.

I have been involved in specifying advanced equipment and know that Your approach should not be accepted by the company, small or large, not go outside Your room.

You seem more experienced than me! It's a good advice.
We would like an accuracy of ~0.05 deg. I'm actually testing the SEN0386 (I had it in my collection of sensors) and it seems to be pretty satisfying to me. I just wanted to test other sensors before taking a decision. We will see...
Thanks for your help

Fine. I've got a little AngleCube housed in a 2.2" x 2.2" x 1.2" cube. The resolution is 0.05 degrees, repeatability is 0.1 and accuracy is 0.2 degrees.
Measuring for example a door frame there are simple hand help tools used by carpenters etc.
Measuring the error at the Millenium Scraper in Frisco, street to top floor, calls for other equipment....

It will be something in between (2 to 4-floor buildings)

Okey. Still more than a usual craftsman tool. Opening the window and clamping something to the wall sounds not good enough to me.
How do You intend to design that measuring system?

Ok, I understand that you're trying to help me to correctly design my project but my original question was "how to connect the SCL3300 to the ESP8266".
But to answer your question, we already have a number of sensors measuring cracks on walls, temperature / Humidity in the air and in the soil, piezometer... We just want to extend our library. Depending on the sensors, they take a measurement every 30min up to 4h and display the results on our website. The principle will probably be the same as these sensors usually stays on sites for several months and we need to follow live if there's any variations.

Okey. You already measure a variety of building related matters. It doesn't matter but I don't understand what You actually will measure in this project. Never mind.

One of my aspects is to be sure there's a future for the project. I don't spend time and brain on supporting "dead ends", things that never will come to the wanted end.

So Your post is mainly a question about connecting/using electronic devices.

Copying from SCL3300 Inclinometers | Inclinometers | Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

I read that SPI interface is used. Search and dig into what SPI needs, calls for, what it provides etc.
Don't expect to find ready projects making this "plug and play". Engineering work will be needed in an amount that not every helper will give. Earlier there was a section named "gigs and collaboration" in case You want to hire a professional to do the development.

That's what I thought. Not an easy one. I didn't know about this "gigs and collaboration". Thanks for telling me. I will think about it.


Conecte o inclinômetro SCL3300 ao ESP8266

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Yes sorry, my bad. I thought I posted it in the wrong category.

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