Connecting the WiFi shield to an older Uno ?

I've got a wifi shield, and I'm trying to use it with an older Uno (pre rev. 3)

In the instructions at it says I can either jump the 3.3v connection to IORef, or solder it. But in neither image does it actually show what needs to be done.

Do I just need a jumper cable from the 3.3V connection on the wifi shield to the IORef connection ? My concern when doing this is that the pin I would be connecting 3.3V to sits pretty close to a component on the actual ardiuno - see

Thanks in advance,

Ok, so one thing learned so far... To user the jumpered solution, it is just as simple as connecting a jumper wire between the 3V connector and the IORef connector (unmarked connector just past reset).

The problem is that the pin in my image is now carrying 4.53V when the board is powered from USB and 4.87V when the board is powered from a 9V battery.

That's clearly not ideal with how close it is to a live component. I could chop the pin off, but given that this shield cost me £72 plus postage, that seems short sighted. So I either have to find a way to insulate it, or buy a newer Uno board.

I'll try and find some heatshrink next time I can get to Maplin...