Connecting to round 2.1"lcd T021BC315A


I’m looking for a bit of help in my efforts to get a 2.1’ round LCD working. Bought from china:

The screen uses a HX8357-D driver chip, which has an arduino library. I’m struggling to find a way to actually connect to the screen. It has a micro surface connector, like the one’s inside an iphone, and other than buying the socket (20 pin AXG210144) and attempting to solder to that, I’m a bit stuck.

Doe anyone have any ideas?


Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 13.12.29.png

I'm starting to wonder if I need some sort of driver board for this. Even if I could get a connection, I wouldnt be able to simply connect it to an arduino, install the library and away we go.


You can buy adapter boards and solder microflexi ribbons to the appropriate pitch footprint.

Or buy the appropriate ribbon connector and solder that to your custom pcb.

Let's face it. This is more than the average Arduino user can manage. I am assuming that you have the SMD skills and the pcb design skills to make your custom pcb.

Personally, I would be happy to develop the software on a regular 320x480 HX8357-D display that has 3.3V logic and a 3.3V Due or STM32.

First step: draw the circular viewing area. But the SMD and pcb skills are well beyond me. I bet that you can find someone to do this for you.


I can help.

~Altium owner

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