Connecting to WPA2 Enterprise/eduroam with an MKR 1010


I am trying to connect my MKR 1010 board to my university's Wi-Fi, and my first approach has been to use the ConnectWithWPA2Enterprise example code in the WIFININA library. After uploading the example, my serial port only reads:

Attempting to connect to WPA SSID: eduroam

The page for the beginEnterprise function on the Arduino site mentions that a NINA firmware version of 1.3 or higher is required, but when I check my board using the CheckFirmwareVersion example in the same library, I get:

WiFiNINA firmware check.

Firmware version installed: 1.2.3
Latest firmware version available : 1.2.1

Check result: PASSED

Is the issue that my firmware version is before 1.3? I checked other threads and I haven't seen one which has suggested that version 1.3 is available.

Is there a workaround such as getting the board's MAC address and working with my school's IT department from there? Or should I ask if getting a private network is doable?


I know this has been been some time now but for anyone else that is trying this, you can update the firmware by following this guide:

Follow these steps and try again, has got it working for me :slight_smile:


I updated my firmware to 1.3.0 but I am still not able to connect to eduroam. May I ask your setting when using the WiFi.beginEnterprise (ssid, username, password, identity, ca)?
Did you set the identity and ca or you just used the WiFi.beginEnterprise (ssid, username, password)?

Hello! I have the same firmware version as you and works fine for me. I just used WiFi.beginEnterprise(ssid, username, password) with ssid = eduroam, username = my university email address and password = my uni password (make sure the login details are correct - username should be the full email address not just your username, exactly as you would log in to eduroam normally).

I wonder if there is additional security at your particular institution? Perhaps it's worth getting in touch with your IT department and seeing if they can help.

Let me know if that works, sorry I don't have any better suggestions!

Yes, there is additional security at my institution, but it still doesn't work even after I put the security information on it.

It may be better if I ask our IT department but thanks for your reply :slightly_smiling_face:

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