Control a 120v AC 20Amp relay with Arduino

I have a big project I want to work on, and it requires me to use a 120v AC 20Amp output relay, and I was wondering if someone could tell me how to use this relay with the arduino, because it says that it requires a 32v DC input.
Can someone please help me?
Please give me the schematics I should use or tell me where I can find them.
Thanks in advance!

Give us some info. Do you have the relay (give the URL to its specs)
Do you have an arduino? Which one?
Have you done any google searches for what you want? What did you find?
Why not use a high power relay designed for 5V signals in ?
such as
Give us an idea what you are planning to drive with all that power.

Thanks, Jack

Ihave the arduino uno, and I was wondering if its possible to use a 5v high power relay, as you said, but that gives a 120v AC 20 amp output.
Can you please help me?

Sure I/we will help you. The more info you provide us, the better the chance of giving fast, accurate help. is an example of such a relay. there are many others. Are you able to google, for something like "high power relay 5V"? May take several attempts to find exactly what you want.
What are you planning to power with all this power?


Can someone please help me find this relay in
Thanks in advance!

I found this relay, but I'm not sure if it works with 5v:

Can someone please help me?
Tghanks in advance!

Look at the datasheet under "Input Specifications"

Use this schematic.

Use any NPN transistor, just watch out for the collector current to be bigger than the current the coil needs.
U can add any voltage instead of 12v, just make sure the transistor is apropiate.

From the looks of the data sheet Nando88 selected, the control voltage is 3-32VDC which fits fine for a 5V Arduino and certainly will do the 120VAC/25A. I personally have little use for "hard" contacts switching large loads in this day and age. --Rob

Of course everyone has to make their own choices, but I was just wondering, why you chose the $60 SSR over the one I gave for example costing $6.70 . Just curious.

Thanks, Jack