Control Arduino Board Wirelessly with iArduino Application and your iPhone, iPad

Hello Guys,
I am happy to present my first application "iArduino" which works on all iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

This Application is Developed to control the Arduino board wirelessly with the help of Arduino Ethernet Shield and your iOS device.

"iArduino" is an app which allows you to control your Arduino Board over a WiFi Network.You can control output of each pin individually.With the help of iArduino app. With your Ideas you can create variety of projects and control them Wirelessly with faster response of the iArduino App. Along with controlling the output on the pin some PWM capable pins are also provided with the Slider to gradually change their output.

This application will help you out to control your existing project wirelessly and plus it's much more fun.

iArduino App Features:

  • iArduino App is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch And ipad.

  • Supports View Rotation.

  • Faster Connectivity and Response timing.

  • Flawless Working.

  • Very Easy to setup and requires minimum time.

  • App contains Console window which shows the signal being sent by iArduino.

  • It shows the Message, which is sent by Arduino Board to the application.

+Connects through WiFi Network

Full detailed tutorial on how to make a setup and get started with your iArduino app is given on the website below.


This application is now available on app store.Click on the link below to see it in App Store: