Control Arduino with Web Browser, HTML, WebSockets and Node.js

I have created a framework called Noduino for accessing your Arduino from a web browser with JavaScript. Commands are piped through modern HTML5 WebSockets to a Node.js server application which sends commands to the Arduino with help of the duino framework.

It's more a proof of concept than a real solution for getting things done with Arduino, there is nothing like shifting bits course. But with Noduino you could for example play browser games with an NES controller hooked up to your Arduino, so it's pretty cool indeed.

At the moment there is an example application for blinking LEDs and catching events from buttons. It's more a JavaScript project than a real Arduino one but it's a nice idea to talk about :wink:

Have a nice day…

About Noduino:
Sources: GitHub - semu/noduino: JS and Node.js Framework for controlling Arduino over HTML and WebSockets

@semu, looks like a great project, I am doing something similar using PySerial instead of node.js and using a Python based WS server, I Will have a look at your code and I may contribute if I am able to.

Can i use it over wifi?

Hi!! Semu, I am very interested in using node.js + arduino, but I don´t know exactly where I should begin, could you guide me or show me some internet pages where I could learn how to explote these both tools please. thanks again.

I too would like to use this with my Arduino UNO with Ethernet Shield. How can I get started.