Control submersible pump using arduino

Hi I m new to arduino but good at coding. Have a good understanding of atmel 8051. Will be coding arduino after some decade.

I want to control a 2 horsepower deep well water submersible pump. I want the controller to start the pump for 10 minutes after every 3 hours during night time say from 9pm to 6am.

So I need a ds3231, a relay board.

I need to know the rating of the relay the full load amps of motor is 9amps.

Second question the bore is 300 feet deep and will be pumping water to overhead tank at second floor. At times there is no water on borewel so running motor dry will damage it. What what are my options to make sure that the motor runs only when water is being pumped out.


Use a ? so we can see your question ;).

Google contactor.

Use a float switch to prevent uncovering the pump. Maybe have a second as a fallback.

Where is the pump located? Submersible, jet pump? 9A at what voltage?

Add a flow sensor to your pipe from the pump. If pump is on and no water flow, the water level is below the pump intake, so effectively dry.


The best I can tell monitoring pump current is the norm.

At first thought I would wire the current sensor such it has to be above the no load (air) current to turn the pump. This would require to override the current sensor for some short period of time (5 to 10 seconds?) By doing this, you don't risk the Arduino going off the reservation while the pump is running.

Same for the float switch, it should be in the ON circuit for the pump the same as the current sensor so the pump will go off when the float switch senses enough water. Again kind of a fail safe approach.

In my experience with float switches you would do well to have some backup plan. Even if its only another float switch.