Control two 230V AC winchs with arduino

Hello guys,

I need your assistence to solve the following problem.
I want to control a couple of electric winchs with arduino.
These should lift and lower a certain loading, and I also want to control speed.

Motor data: 230 V AC, nominal current 4,5 A ( but peak current is around 3 times), 0,55kW,
Can you please explain ma how to do this and which components I need?

After I'll need to add a temperature control to drive lifting and lowering, but this is another problem.


Full motor data please. Which kind of motor is a start - "AC motor" is ambiguous.

These winches already have a controller box with up and down buttons? Then you can attach the Arduino to those buttons, preferably with opto-isolators and some knowledge and experience.

Speed control? May be impossible with the motors you have. It will almost certainly require a complex VFD (variable-frequency drive.)

Picture or link to winch specs would help, If they have no speed control, that is they are DOL then as MorganS has said, you will need a variable speed drive (VSD).

Winch control is not an easy application to do starting from scratch, you would be better consulting one of the VSD suppliers with your application.

Current loads, motor temperature, speed and power output have to be considered.

The motors if they are under constant use will need independent fan cooling for a start.

The arduino could control the VSD, but most VSDs these days are intelligent enough to do it all, you just supply a direction and speed and E-Stop button.

Tom.... :slight_smile:

If its a 3 phase induction motor You can use a Variable Frequency Drive for speed control.
A universal motor like power tools can be speed controlled of course, but a single phase induction motor, because of its starting requirements is out.

Unless a device has been brought out in the last few years ?