Controling Motor Stepper FL42STH38-0406A using DRIVER G540 and Arduino Nano

Hello people, I'm new here and i dont found any topic about how to use the Driver G540 with Arduino Nano 3.0. Im working in a project which i need to control two motor stepper just using the Gecko Driver G540 and a Arduino Nano. The idea is to control the motor stepper using the computer. I don`t want to use the parallel port. I already have the program to control it, but i have no idea how I can conect all this elements. There is anyone who can help me, please?


Lucas Bozza Mello

Are you really committed to using that driver? It's specifically designed to interface to a PC rather than an Arduino. If you have to use it, I would have thought it would be easier to plug a parallel port into a PC - a USB-to-parallel adapter is only a couple of quid.