Controlling a 12v DC Motor

So a quick reminder for all the masters on this forum, Im a complete noob with arduino as you'll see but Im having trouble figuring out the circuit for my dc motor. The thing is, Ive been reading that if you want to control the direction, you need to use an h-bridge, but in videos without an h-bridge, transistors are used to manage the power output from the battery with the control of the arduino. So I was wondering, if i wanted to control a high voltage motor like the 12V that I have, do I use the h-bridge and the transistor. If so, which transistor (NPN or PNP)?

Im just very confused as to what the circuit is supposed to look like. Also, I have no idea what kinds of resistors Im supposed to use. I want to know what I need so I can order the parts its just Im not really confident that I know what Im doing. Please help!!!


After reading around a bit, I think I have a better understanding of h-bridges. Just one question though, If I want to run my 12V motor, do I still need capacitors and resistors to protect the arduino? If so, what kind of capacitor and resistor?

Go and have a root around on sites like Pololu. I have one of their 2130s, which doesn't handle 12V, but they have quite a range.

The 2130 is dead simple to connect, no external components required, just hook the digital pins from Arduino to 2130, powert and ground and you're good to go. So have a look at their other stuff.

Lots of h-bridges available on ebay.