Controlling a Canon Printer

Hi there I was surfing the other day and came across a cool Arduino controlled expresso maker

But the cool thing I saw was the to be the next addon to the machine namly:

Where he guts a Cannon printer, puts edible ink in the printhead and uses Arduino + stepper to controll the forward, axis withe coffee mug on it.

So the question is How Hard Is It To do This?

I was looking into building a 3D- powder printer, so this would be a perfect start for such a project Printer spraying Water/binder onto Gypsum/printmaterial for one page and then lower the tray, rake new material over and start again.

Any Ideas??

This is doable by a motivated hobbyist. There's a whole subculture around DIY 3D printers. You could google "rep-rap" for one of those kinds of projects. In general, once you've rigged up everything to move in the axes you need (typically, 3 axes, plus print head/flow control,) the real challenge is to remove all sources of inaccuracy. Backlash, tension, flex, gaps, ... the source of inaccuracy goes on, and can apparently be quite frustrating before you've gotten to the end of it!

Check of Nick Lewis's InkShield project:

@rocketgeek: not the same, I have seen it, Much lower resolution and it is much slower than printers are today. it is easier for me to go to the store and buy IP3600 printer if I can get it to work as in the second video. Plus the system can be used as Direct To Garment printer ;) Full color (flatbed T-shirt printer)

I have a homemade CNC that I want to convert, if I can get away with using a pair of steppers for only driving the printer mechanism along the table and a pair for dropping the table, I would be happy (g-code for driving x(or y) and z axis only). Then powder system...

In the video it seems that he captures the newline signal to trigger the stepper to forward the glass and then gives ok signal to print again after that. If that is the case, then I could capture the pagefeed signal to prepare the table for next layer (powder and lower table) via Processing or custom Java or delphi program (my favorite choices of programming languages in reverse order). The program would take STL file slice it to image files and send each image page to the printer and control the Arduino (steppers).