Controlling a MAX6921


I'm building a clock with a russian IV-18 VFD tube and a MAX6921 as it's driver.
Is there a library or software method to control a MAX6921 VFD driver chip?
According to the datasheet, the IC uses an "industry standard 4-wire interface". However, googling around I can't seem to find any arduino library that might work this way.

Is there anything already "in the wild" or would I have to write my own library to drive this IC? I'm really new to arduino and this is my first real project beside the blink-a-led examples.

Thanks in advance!

The AdaFruit "Ice Tube Clock" (Ice Tube VFD Clock kit - Glowy retro tube clock) uses SPI to send values to the MAX6921. The firmware is written for the ATmega168V but it shouldn't be hard to port to Arduino. Just send three bytes (24 bits) and the last 20 bits should show up on OUT0 through OUT19.

this did not realy help
especialy when your not that good with codes

this did not realy help

Perhaps this will help: SPI - Arduino Reference