controlling Arduino Uno with nRF24L01


I'm a beginner, I'm working on a new project to light up LED with my phone (through wifi). I'm usind Arduino Uno, nRF24L01, LED, breadboard and jumpers.

I don't understand how can I program the Arduino to only turn on and off the light when I press a button in my application, and also I don't know which application supports nRF24L01 since every guide I'm looking at shows that I need TWO board - Tx and Rx. I thought nRF24L01 could enable me to control the arduino board through wifi, why can't I only use it as a Transmitter?

Which application can help me control the nRF24L01 (like Blynk for ESP8266)?
Can I use only the code for Tx to operate the board?

Thank you

An nRF24 is not WiFi. It is only designed for communication with another nRF24.

If you want WiFi communication you should use a board based on an ESP8266 or ESP32. Both of them are complete microprocessors and can be programmed with the Arduino IDE.

if you decide that you do want to use nRF24 modules then this Simple nRF24L01+ Tutorial should help get you started.