Controlling Brushless Motor w/ AnalogWrite

Hi all,
I am trying to control 4 brushless motors with an Arduino Uno. The PWMs from the ESCs are connecting to pins 3,5,6,9. I couldn't use the servo class because of the issue with conflicting timers when using the virtual wire library. I wasn't able to get the ServoTimer2 class working. My main issue is the following: using the analogWrite function I am able to effectively control the motor hooked up to pin 3 but not any of the other pins. I was wondering if anyone knew why only pin3 would work.

timer0 controls pins 5 & 6, timer2 controls pins 11 and 3.

If you're using timer1 for special purposes then PWM on pins 9 and 10 may
stop working.

The problem with using PWM for servo driving is that you have to take the
PWM frequency down to something sensible (20 to 100Hz sort of range), and
get a fine resolution in the positive pulses from an 8 bit timer - basically can't be

What were the issues with ServoTimer2 library and where do you find it?

So I'm still a little confused because controlling the brushless motor with the motor controller through PWM works flawlessly with pin 3. Your response, and a lot of other comments I have read on the web seem to indicate that it is not possible to control the ESC without the servo library.

As for servotimer2 I will try and fiddle with it some more before making unnecessary posts. The analogWrite just would have been more convenient. Thanks for your help.