Controlling coin vibration motor frequency

Hi, I am looking to use an Arduino to control two coin vibration motors in order to deliver a slow, heartbeat-like vibration through a wearable device. The motors I have are these, which have a frequency of 15000 rpm. Is there a small Arduino model, like the Nano, that can slow these vibrations down with PWM? If PWM doesn't work, is there another way to achieve these slow vibrations (ideally under 0.8 hz)? This is my first time using vibration motors with Arduino, so any help is appreciated. Thank you!

The page you linked to has this quote; "Please contact one of our Sales Engineers for a quotation for production and consultation for customisation and integration services.".
Have you contacted them to discuss lowering the vibration rate?

The data sheet suggests much lower efficiency at lower speeds.
It looks for all intents like a small 3 volt dc motor probably with a weight attached to cause the vibrations.

Your first problem is that you need to limit the PWM to a MAX of 3 volts which can be done in code with relative ease.

RPM is NOT frequency btw. It is always RPM.

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When I read the data sheet, it appears to be confusing the vibration motor with the standard small DC motors they sell. The graphs, to me, relate to the DC motors specs. That is why I suggest the OP contact the company directly. Their data doesn't do much.

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You might consider using a voice coil to get a vibration at 0.8hz.

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I have, but they haven't responded in over a week. I'll try to contact them again though.

I think you will find it hard to get it to revolve at at 48 rpm to give you a 0.8Hz vibration.

Even if you were successful, I don't think that the vibration would be detectable by a wearer as the amplitude would be so small.

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