Controlling multiple (cheap?) LED strips from Arduino across wide area

I want to create several ‘pixels’ in the windows of a building, 16 windows to be exact. I have used neopixel before for some projects, but wonder if there is also a cheaper solution and what other considerations I should make.

Each window will have 2x1 meter strips (one on the left and right sides of the window, inside). Each window will act like a single pixel so each pair of meter strips can do the same thing, either ON OFF or BLINKING. The way I understand it is that cheaper LED strips don’t have chips that allow you to address the individual LEDs, so would it be such that each pair of strips is connected to voltage, ground, and signal (connected to a digital pin on the Arduino)? And then each strip would also need a power supply individually.

The other concern is that I will need to run quite a long length of wire to connect all of these, the building width being like 50 meters. Any advice or concerns on that front? Perhaps I should use Cat6 cable and use a breakout at both sides for this to connect the voltage ground and data?

Then the Arduino will be in another room connected to a computer which will activate the lights as needed. I think for budgetary reasons I can use simply white LEDs for this project.

Thank you for your time!

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