Controlling multiple digital LED strips from Arduino

I have a digital LED strip with ws2811 driver. I have successfully tested it with my Arduino and FastSPI library. Now I want to control multiple strips from Arduino, but haven't found any information about it. Is it possible? Has anyone tried?

The WS2811 chips are intended to be daisy chained.
Thus you’d connect a bunch in series and just send out more data as needed.
May have to connect power every so often down the strip to avoid voltage drop down the line.

WS2811-preliminary.pdf (320 KB)

Thank you for the answer! But I will place my strips in the opposite ends of the room and it is not so good for me to have very long wire from one end of the strip to other. Is there a way to control two strips from two separate pins?

You'd have to read up on FastSPI library to see if it supports that. Probably have better results with a controller at each end of the room. Add an RF link if you need them to get in synch or something.