Controlling Multiple LED arrays w/ pressure sensors


I'm working (or trying to work) on a project involving 9 sets of LED arrays. The goal of the project is to turn the LEDs on whenever a force sensor is pressed. I'm using arduino for this for simplicities sake, and so that i can tweak how the light arrays react with one another (how they light up in sequence, etc.) I'm going to be using an UNO for this project, so If i use pins 3 - 11 for my LEDs, that leaves me with pins 0, 1, 2, 12, and 13 free. (although 0 and 1 are the transmitting and receiving pins, is there any way i can use them?)

Now, before i go on, I'll have to say that I'm very new to Arduino, and if anything i say is wrong or if theres a much simpler way, please let me know.

Anyway, I have 5 digital pins remaining, but I also need to have 9 force sensors (one per LED array). Now, I still have all 6 analog pins free, so is there a way that I can make the analog pin act as a digital pin, or would there need to be a difference in coding?

If i need to buy a larger board, like a mega, I can easily do that, but i just trying to make this work with what I have right now.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Now, I still have all 6 analog pins free, so is there a way that I can make the analog pin act as a digital pin,

Yes, read the reference. I'm unclear what you're connecting your sensors to.

One way is to go with a bigger board, as you suggest, like mine
2 more Analog pins, 8 or 10 more digital, depending on what you are using/connecting.

Analog pins on Uno are digital pins D14-D19.
Can also get an Analog Mux and read the sensors one at a time thru 1 analog pin, use 5 as more digital.

You can use D0, D1, some sketches will tie up tthe USB tho and prevent sketch download from occurring, and then you have to play games with reset to make sure the bootloader is listening at the correct time to enable sketch download.

Or, get a ICSP board and download more directly.
nkcelectronics, mdfly have inexpensive ones.
Can also use a shift register & LED driver to save on digital pins.

Lots of ways to get there.

sparkfun carries a line of force sensors, I think he means something l ike that.

Thanks, I’ll go and read the reference on analog pins, and I’ll see which option (using a bigger board, or using the analog pins on my uno) is best.