Controlling my Gas Boiler with Teleduino remotely

Hi all
Just a bit of background, I am new to all things arduino but have learned an awful lot thanks to and a myriad of other sources so I though I would share my very simple (needed to be for me) project. I had tried many options but due to having a router which couldn’t open a port and other issues I finally settled on Teleduino – Big thanks to Nathan

My aim.

Be able to remotely switch on my gas boiler when away from the house for a few days so the timer kicks off the boiler prior to return. A solution up to now has been to reset timings, but the timer is far from easy to reprogram and to be honest I just wanted to try and remote control things.

What I needed

Stock Arduino Uno
Stock ethernet board
Bell wire
Solid State Relay
An assortment of electrical junction boxes (most I had lying about)

How I did it.
I downloaded the latest teleduino Library

And pretty much following the instructables tutorials


I used the following library – adding my unique API key.


I was controlling a Solid State Relay (exactly like the one Declan Bright speaks about in his project) in no time

To play around with the SSR I controlled a domestic light to switch on/off. (Careful High Voltage). The principal of the SSR being you have a low voltage side receiving 5V from arduino to close a relay switch or take 5V away to open a relay switch. When the relay switch is closed a circuit is made on the high voltage side to close the circuit and allow power through

When all was working here I hooked SSR up to a live wire between my boiler and the timer receiver. Hey presto my Arduino using Teleduino server is controlling the boiler to turn on the next time the timer calls for heat. If the circuit is broken the timer may call for heat but no signal is sent to boiler so it remains off.
I used App inventor to write an android app to control all this (app inventor is really excellent for simple apps like this as I have no experience in app writing)

Attached are a few images of the SSR and arduino .As can be seen on pics I added an overide switch (remote/Manual) as the normal state is the arduino is not controlling the heating so I needed to be able to take arduino control out of the loop.

I hope this is clear and all I can say is a big thanks for all the super information on this site and on the WWW in general. Special thanks to Nathan in NZ for Teleduino which meant I didn’t have to open a port on my fussy router.




Hi Webels,

Thanks for posting about your Teleduino-enabled project.

It's always great to see what people have done with it!