Controlling power from a Standard US AC Outlet with arduino

As the title reads, I want to control an ac outlet with an arduino module. After peeling through a few guides on the matter, I stumbled upon an ssr on digikey that seems up to the task. The Crydom PF240D25R ( specs suggest it could be used to safely control an ac outlet. However I wanted to check with a few "experts" before actually attempting the project. As always your help is greatly appreciated.

if your not confident with the mains,

have you looked at the X10 system ?

That one should do the job, but I have a couple comments. 1. It seems a bit pricey. 2. It is for mounting on a circuit board.

Generally I would prefer to use a SSR that uses screw lugs for connections, and costs in the $9 range +-

check ebay. i got a bunch of cryden ssr's for around 50p each on a job lot

How about a Powerswitch Tail