Controlling servo motor mg995 + solenoid 5v

I would like to use a arduino uno + servo motor mg995 + solenoid 5v Can I controle them with a motor shield? what kind of power supply you suggest me to power them all? the arduino is always connected to the computer via USB

picture of solenoid



OK we SEE the solenoid. But what is it's rated voltage? Current?

The servo does not need a motor driver; it has one built in. You can probably get away with running ONE small servo like that from USB power. But it would be better for it to have it's own 5V supply.

Servo information on the ArduinoInfo.Info WIKI HERE:

Here the datasheet of the solenoid

So you think that I can controle the servo and teh solenoid without any more shield, just from the arduino uno and separated 5v and from the USB connected with the computer?