Controlling vintage aricraft radio equipment

Hello, New to the forum, and new to Arduino (and programming in general really)

I collect and restore old communication equipment (Valve/Tube era)

I have an idea to control a 1960s radio transmitter and receiver using Arduino to drive the frequency selection lines.

This radio system uses a fairly simple system of open/closed contacts to select frequency - Link to the standard radio controller description and truth table below.

I would like to mimic the original control panel electronically, by using two rotary encoders for tuning, and either an LED or LCD display for frequency readout - the other controls are all simple analogue stuff, and will need no microcontroller intervention.

Probably a bit heavy going for a first project, but I like a challenge - so, any pointers where I should start?


So, some thoughts on how I see this working.

Two Rotary Encoders - One for Mhz, and one for Khz.

The Mhz encoder: this needs to control a range between 108 and 155 - I guess this is a fairly simple case of getting the pulses from the encoder to initiate a count, starting from 108, and ending at 155 - the step change will need to be fairly coarse in its nature - the original controller is a multi position wafer switch.

The output of the encoder will need to be sent to a display device, and will need to drive a combination of control lines.

A, B, C, D, and J/M - The J line is only grounded when an odd number is selected, the M when an even number is selected.

The N line is only grounded in two discrete segments of the controller, and I think can just be controlled by a Mhz value, that operates a relay to indicate that the Transmitter is operatin in the extended segment of the controller.

Is there some kind of way to upload the logic table to memory, so I can recall the settings based on the numerical value selected by the encoder?

If I understand the requirement you want to use a rotary encoder connected to the Arduino to select a frequency and for the corresponding combination of outputs from the Arduino to be applied to the inputs on the radio. Is that correct ?

If so then you will need a display on the Arduino to show the currently selected frequency and probably a switch or pushbutton to activate the selected frequency unless it is to be updated in real time

Do you have the logic table for the frequencies required ?
The Arduino can hold such a logic table as long as you can define it in simple terms.

Yes, you have the idea - I plan to either use 7 segment LED or an LCD display to show the set frequency.

I would hope to have the encoders working as a "tuning" control - each tuning step - either 1Mhz step, or 50Khz step would initiate a tuning cycle in the radio equipment.

THis is all done in a remote control head in the original installation, by switching a combination of 7 control lines to ground, or leave floating.

I have the table, in the PDF mentioned in my first post - I will post a tidied and easier to understand version when I have completed it.