Controlling your house through the Internet! (smartphone, tablet...)

Hello everybody!

I made an interesting project to control my house via the internet.

It's basically an Arduino and Ethernet Shield which is accessed by a PHP page on the internet. It can control the lights and sockets through relays, and I hacked the intercom and gate remote controller to be also controlled by the Arduino.

I made a video demonstration, using the cellphone to control the devices, it is in here: (if you like, help me by clicking "Like" on Youtube! XD)

The arduino and PHP codes can be downloaded here: Source Codes

An explanation of the system can be found here, but unfortunately there is no english version yet. To see with google translate, you can use this link.

The project is not finished yet, so: Any idea and suggestion is welcome and any question leave a comment!

Thank you!

I made something a bit like that too, I am just using one arduino with the ethernet shield as a sender, and then having multiple nodes that receive the signal and then determine from the identifier if the message is for them or not.

So with this I don't have to pull long wires around, just make a box with an small arduino in, and a cheap rf receiver. :)

Nice bld,

and nice documentation either! :)