convert my old saitek x36 hotas to usb with uno r3, will need help

I have an old set of saitek hotas that have 15pin gameport, and i have a uno r3.

I don't have any kind of experiences with this. After i have read bloody every thing on internet i found unojoy and that looks promising.

I read a lot about it and started poking around, and followed the readme to get a grasp of the concept and to see that all of it worked, but I have run in to some hazel. To get the fw in there to get my pc recognise it at a joystick, i need to put my uno r3 in dfu mode, i bridge the two pins near the usb and my pc say blip blup- blip blip, but don't go to dfu mode.

This is my first project with uno, and i have little to non experience as a programmer. I will probably need more help with the code later.

Do any one have a better way of doing this, with or with out unojoy? can i do it with a usb shield instead?

Running programs on the tiny ATmega8u2 that acts as a USB-to-Serial chip on the Arduino UNO is fraught with problems. You would be better served getting an Arduino Leonardo (based on the ATmega32u40 which directly supports the Mouse and Keyboard libraries.