Convert PS3 controller to PS2 controller

So, an idea hit me a month or so ago. I know Sony made adapters to connect PS2 controller to PS3 which is great, however I prefer the PS3 controller feel, but the game experience of the PS2. Sony never saw reason enough to make an adapter for the reverse, so I figure it’s time to TRY to make my own. After looking at the pinouts it seems relatively straight forward (Pinout here). So what I want to try to do is using the USB Host shield library (Github link here), connect my controller with a bluetooth dongle and output from the arduino (probably via PWM) to my Playstation 2.

The actual USB shield seemed a bit pricey, so I went and got a USB module labeled for arduino (Link) This particular model seems to have had a few revisions, so I’m having some difficulties connecting the right pins. I connected 5v to VCC and ground to ground, but I can’t seem to find the TXD or RXD pins. This seems to be it’s data sheet, but I can’t quite make heads or tails of it in relation to the pins. (PDF) Of coarse the easy solutions would be to either pay up for an actual shield, or just stick with the vanilla wired controller. But where’s the fun in that?

This guide would be helpful, but it uses a different revision than mine and the pins are different. (Link) I think my model is a IM131009001. Can anyone tell me the proper pinout and jumper settings? Am I just crazy for trying? Is this impossible? Give it to me straight. Any help is appreciated.

TLDR; I’m new to Arduino, I want to take a PS3 controller via USB and pin out to a PS2 to make my own makeshift adapter. Money is a little tight and I bought Chinese parts. Plz halp.

This is something I would like to do also. Have you made any progress on this project?

Hopefully someone smarter than us will find this request of yours.