Convert video signal to Grayscale(black & white)

Any idea how can I turn color signal from camera into Grayscale?
I want to use Video Experimenter shield and this china camera with display for my project. To get military look video broadcasting.
I can easy make the white lines and write some text with Video Experimenter shield, but how can I turn the color video signal to Grayscale?
Thanks for your ideas!

If it is an analogue colour camera with a composite output, a simple colour killer filter will knock out the colour subcarrier.
If it has a Y (luminance) output, use that.

Thanks for answer! yes it is analog signal. But what you mean by "simple colour killer filter" is it some electrical components or is it glass filter which must be mounted in front of camera lens?

It’s an electronic notch filter.
It used to be possible to buy simple cheap passive ones to put in series on a composite video line.

Thank you very much! If I don't ask to much, can give a link to this filter. The google shows me only diagrams when I search for "electronic notch filter" and most diagrams are for audio or gsm signals.

Try “colour killer” instead.
Or even “color killer”, if you must.

Well, it would be "color killer" for NTSC, or "colour killer" for PAL, would it not? :grinning: