Copy DVD

Ardiuno Duemilanove w/ATmega328

This might not be able to be done, but figured I should ask anyway. Would like to have this Stand alone.

One cd/dvd player One cd/dvd burner

Both can have ide to usb converters attached with own power supply.

1.) Need to know best way to add extra usb ports.

2.) Would like to be able to make multiple copies until no burnable cd/dvd present.

Thanks for any guidence you can give. Bob

Sorry this is not one for an arduino, for more reasons than you can count.

I'm wanting to build an auto changer.

OK, I'll take a look at it, but it needs to be able to talk to the Arduino board. I have an Acard ARS-2032 but having a time with the company to release the command interface list. They want me to purchase a twice the cost new board that they give the command list to interface with it.

This is a hobbie/learner project. Figured this would be a good first one to dive into. Been using Linux Slackware since 1995.

Thanks so much.

Yes, this is a great idea.

Like this one:

I've seen another one that someone made a few years ago, but have no idea what was driving it. I'll see if I can find it again, it was made out of wood.

Building the apparatus should be the hard part. The coding should be straight-forward in Linux.

Pick up blanks, burn DVD, depending on return status, put into bad bin, or good bin, with a tiny bit of communication over the serial port to the arduino.

I'm interested in the copying of archived data from many discs to a large hard drive.

Ok, here's the wood one:

Were do I find the quote to work in this forum?

Current system. Yes sort of, but wanting to try something a little different, less costly. The current system only does CD, and I will need DVD, so I'm working with the CD part first and should be simple enought to change a few things for DVD.

They had said: For controllers that work with robot, please use AEC-7755R or AEC-7750R. Those models are not on the website since they are special model. Please contact our sales if you are interest in such models. Thanks for using ACARD products.

Yes, I am working on it as if I can't talk to anything. Already have a couple programs from someone that built one with a Olimex card, just wanting to change it around so it's mine and not someone elses clone.

Has anyone pluged 3 or 4 USB devices to the Arduino card?

Even Wytron controlers give out their interfacing list. Opens up the R&D for anyone to get in that market.

OK, that answers most of it.

I was thinking USB because I firgured it might have been easier to send the small signals over USB than trying to adapt the CD/DVD to work over com ports.

What I was thinking of.

1.) Flash Drive or small hard drive. Linux. Software to copy/burn dvd (You start 1st one, put original in reader drive)

(Put blank in burn drive , Or when system starts up, have it open read tray for disk. Once disk is in it opens burn tray and sends signal ready for disk.)

Open tray when finished, send signal that tray is open to Arduino.

2.) Arduino gets signal door is open and gets disk, and sets it down, then gets new disk, puts in tray, sends signal disk is in tray.

3.) Software gets signal, closes door, and burns another copy.

4.) Over and Over until no more disks available.

5.) Tells software job complete and it shuts down until the next start up.

Is this too much? Should I be thining more small computer system to talk to the Arduino?

This just something I hoped to do since I have a lot of free time until 2011.

OK. Kind of what I thought. Well, I'm glad this forum is here. I'm sure I'll be here more and I progress working with this.

Maybe on a flash drive connected to a micro computer board.

And then it talkes to the Arduino to perform the robot arm requirements.

OK. I wasn't sure what the Arduino was able to do on it's own since I just started to play with it. Little micro computer it is or force myself to run it from a computer or old laptop like some of the others did.

There is a couple micro computers that are not much larger than the HTC cell phone.

Thanks so much. Bob

Check this thread.

Thanks. I will.

Another Quick question.

Since I have most setup with Ardduino, should I also work with the Olimex setup, or just stick with the Arduino?

Thanks Bob

On the solinoid stamp, mine have two wires from it and no terminals to solder the diode too.

Should I just have the diode between the TIP120 and the solinoid or where?.

I don't want to burn anything up so I figured I should ask.

Thanks Bob

They are inside the solenoid. I'm using the stamp setup sent to me earlier in the thread. Arduino board to 1K Resistor, to Base of TIP120, Emitter to ground, Collector to one lead of solenoid, and second lead of solenoid to 12v

1st it was said to put a 1N4004 on either side connected to the emitter and collector but then for better protection to move it across the solenoid terminals. When I got the solenoids, they don't have terminals so I was just a bit lost. I was thinking to almost use two 1N4004 one on each lead. From collector to lead, and the other between lead and power. But not sure if that's over kill or if it will stop it from working.

I haven’t got that far yet. One lead is suppose to go to the collector side and the other to the power.

If there was terminals on the solenoid, I was told to put the 1N4004 across the two terminals.

I'm sure I'm not seeing what you said.

I don't have a circuit drawer yet, so this is the best I can do.

Solenoide / \ (Wires) / \ +12v------/ -|>------collector

Thank you Bob Ross

My bad. Arrow the other direction.

L is the solenoide wires?

I must really be missing something. How does this protect a return voltage making it back to the collector? Just seems to be by-passing the diode if your only connecting to the two ends of the wires one to each end of the diode. It has a completed circuit with or without it? IF the diode goes bad the circut still works.

OK, Thank you so much. I'll get the hang of this stuff yet.