copy/save serial monitor output

It would be great if you could copy the output of the serial monitor to the clipboard, or save it to a log file.

If this is possible, I apologize but I've been looking for an hour and I haven't found a way to do it.


I'm not sure how easy this would be in practice, but you could connect to the serial port not with the Arduino IDE, but with another terminal emulator. For instance on a Windows PC, you could use HyperTerm or Putty. On Linux, there's Minicom (and no doubt others). On MacOS, I couldn't say!

Most terminal emulators will let you save the data arriving from the serial port into a file on the local host.


I’m using PuTTy, and I’m able to automatically save the output of the COM port to a log file. Also, I can set the serial baud rate to a custom rate, which solves another problem I was happening.

Thanks so much for your help!

Though I still think it would be nice to be able to copy/paste from serial monitor, fwiw.

Another trick you can use so you don't have to close out the Arduino IDE when using a standalone terminal emulator to monitor the serial port: after you upload a sketch, select tools and change the comm port to a different port (assuming you have more then one, or this won't work), now you can select or connect to the active port on your emulator and it will not see a conflict of something already attached to that port. When done monitoring, close out the emulator, or disconnect, or reassign to a unused com port and you can now change the Arduino IDE back to the active port.


That's a handy technique!

Not sure why you need the "change the port in the IDE" trick. I just access it with the terminal application directly, with the IDE left untouched. Just don't try to access the port with both at the same time. I just close out the terminal app before uploading a new sketch.

I'm using Mac OS X and kermit. (yeah, old school. it was good enough for my C64!)