Create a keyboard library from hid library

I am trying to make a project for university in which I program my own keyboard and to get a good grade my teacher wants me to not use any predefined library. There is some tutorial in which is explained the HID library or how is implemented keyboard.h or mouse.h?

You have the source of the mouse and keyboard libraries on your PC and you can examine them to see how they work

Thx. But there aren't more explicit versions or presentations? So I could be able to go in dept.

Probably not in the Arduino environment, but do look in all associated documentation in the libraries. Not that I am familiar with them.

Otherwise it is between yourself and Google. :grin:

There are some low level details here:

This is about using the pluggable USB infrastructure provided by the cores of standardized Arduino boards platforms (example).

Now, you could consider the core a library or a collection of libraries, and the cores might use even lower level libraries (e.g. avr-libc), but I suspect your teacher is only prohibiting the use of the high level libraries such as Keyboard. Even if you are required to go completely bare metal, that code might serve as a reference.

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