Creating a case/housing for my project?

Forgive me if this has already been covered before, but I’m new at fabricating.

I’ve got my board and my Blinkm working the way I want them to, and my I2C LCD display arrived yesterday from What a cool toy! Soldier one jumper, and you have a 16x, back-lit i2C LCD display, which uses only 4 wires.

Now I want to move everything from the proto-board to a plastic case. Does anyone have suggestions on how to cut out a smooth rectangular hole for the display? My previous attempts at cutting plastic look amateur, at best. The LED’s are easy (I can drill those), but the glass LCD panel is something that I want to look as professionally mounted as possible.



A trim bezel on the outside can hide a rough cut rectangle for the display.


I didn't know they made such things!

I'll go search for a supplier. Thanks!!!


Some have, most don't I think. Hobby stores sell small quarter round and half round wood trim material in balsa and sometimes spruce. This can be cut at angles like a picture frame and painted or stained to make a decent looking bezel.


Once upon a time, you could get all this stuff at RadioShack. Some RS still have a few project boxes, but I haven't seen an off-the-shelf bezel kit in years. Maybe you could find them at larger outlets like Fry's Electronics in SW USA. Google was a mess, looking for similar.

I did find one vendor:
But I know nothing about that company or any costs.


I usually use a nibbling tool to cut a rough area and then finish it off with an x-acto knife (in plastic) or small files (in metal). Put masking tape over the surface you're working on to help prevent scratching and chipping. The tape also gives you a surface you can write on.

Good nibbling tools can be found at some hardware stores. Radio Shack has (or had?) one that was pretty cheap, but it works great for plastics.