Creating a Tens Machine Using Arduino

I am trying to stimulate muscles with electrodes using arduino for controlling frequency,width etc.
does anybody have any ideas on how to achieve a proper current and output voltage so it can be functional

your help will be appreciated.


I think i have to use a step-up DC/DC converter but i dont know for sure and how it will work

What are you planning to step up? You know that a step up converter works by increasing voltage while reducing current, right?

You really need an external power supply, capable of delivering the voltage and amperage you need. The Arduino will toggle the gate on a transistor, to turn the flow of current (from the power supply) on or off.

accelerometer might be a better choice, but finding a patient willing to have one implanted may be more of an issue....

Why not just buy a TENS, about $30 USD.

but finding a patient willing to have one implanted may be more of an issue…

Than finding one willing to have a gyroscope implanted?

Often, simply implanting a gyroscope will help to reduce hand tremor.

Arduino isn't really intended for medical devices. Make sure of your liability situation here.

And seriously, this is one of those situations where if you don't know enough and have to ask the simple parts of this then please please do not connect it to a real live human until someone who knows electronics and cares enough about detail to be able to write a sentence with capital letters and punctuation has a look at it.

Ahhh, a classroom assignment!


If you win, will you share the prize with us?


I would hope so.

Discuss this further with your Professor, i think it highly unlikely he wants you to build anything like a Tens machine.
Perhaps you have misunderstood the assignment.

the professor agree with that cause he has built one in the past and he dont care if i built one or not. but because i want to built one by myself is why i am asking. my main work is programming the arduino and analyzing the gyro/accelerometer data

and he dont care if i built one or not.
but because i want to built one by mysel

I doubt very much that he does not care.
He may dismiss the thought that you are capable however.

These devices can be easily dangerous.
Even with several decades [sic] experience i would not attempt this i think.
As mentioned previously it is a job for someone versed in boimedical electronics.

If you stick to the requirements of the project you may get help here.
Trying to build a tens (shocking machine) you will not.

The points will come form completing the assignment.
Building a TENS machine would take time and is unlikely to get any extra credit.

If you have an 'Assignment' to actually build a Tens machine, in my view the best response would be;

"I am a beginner, for me to attempt to build such a medical device would be plain stupid, and I could kill someone"