Creating a WiFi Access Point and Logging to an SD card


To start, I just want to declare that I’m pretty new to the world of Arduino and even electronics/coding in general.

I have set my Arduino Uno WiFi Rev 2 set up as an access point where I would like to control data logging of a Adafruit Ultimate GPS and also a sensor, which communicates using SPI bus.

I have found individual projects that show how to use the Ethernet Shield 2 to log sensor data to an SD card and also an AP WiFi web server project. The latter has helped me set up my Uno WiFi Rev 2 as an access point to access a simple HTML page with a button for ‘data logging on’ and ‘data logging off’.

I haven’t found a project where the two are combined, but does anybody know if there may be a limitation in being able to do this?

Logging information received over WiFi to an SD card should not be a problem!

If you need more specific information about your project please provide a parts list, pictures of how you've connected things, and your code in a code block :)

It's not uncommon to take examples from other projects doing the things you want to do and combine them. If needed, we can help walk you through how to do it!

Welcome to the world of Arduino!