Creating Arduino Nano 33 BLE Library for Using NFC Features


I would like to create a library for the Nano 33 BLE to be able to use the NFC features that are available via the nRF52840 chip.

I am aware that there are some examples on Nordic Semiconductors’ website, but they are based on the nRF5 SDK:

I also know that the NFC could be used through the mbedOS but I would need to use other Arduino libraries for my projects at the same time so it would be more convenient to use Arduino’s platform for everything.

As I am not experienced in writing Arduino libraries, I wonder what steps I should take to create the new NFC library based on the examples provided by Nordic?

If someone could suggest a ‘roadmap’ for developing the library, or any good guide/material about implementing SKD/mbedOS code into the Arduino format that would be greatly appreciated.


Were you able to create the library? did you find something to read nfc tag with nano 33 ble?