Creating Two Plots of Real Time Data - MATLAB?


I have configured my arduino 101 to record a breathing and a blood pressure signal. Is there any way to plot two separate graphs at one time? Also, can I connect the 101 to Matlab?

Thank you!

If you so a quick search you will an extensive list of info on how to do that but here are three that are of interest. The last one is the one most applicable to what you want.



MATLAB doesn't list the 101 as compatible with their platform (unlike the uno/duo/etc). Have you had success with this in the past?


Arduino 101 can most definitely output data that can be displayed directly Plotting graphs and 3d models - so I would assume that Matlab can receive also data from the 101.

There are more advanced Matlab/Arduino use cases (control etc) that I wouldn't just assume to work, but a simple case where the Arduino101 pushes out data on Serial and Matlab listens and plots shouldn't be a problem.

I agree with DavidOR you should have no problem with Matlab plotting graphs for you in real time with the Arduino 101. Typically, this type of scenario is just Matlab reading data from the serial port and plotting the data. There should be no conflict even though the Arduino101 board is not listed.

I have MATLAB R2014a and it doesn't seem to be able to program the matlab server on the Arduino 101 when I use it as on my UNO--which works. It seems to see it, just can't program it.

a = arduino('/dev/cu.usbmodem1A1371','uno');

Updating server code on Arduino Uno (/dev/cu.usbmodem1A1371). Please wait.

Cannot program Arduino board Uno (/dev/cu.usbmodem1A1371). Please make sure the board is supported and the port and board type are correct.

Doing a quick review of the matlab support package for Arduino, the 101 is not supported yet. The 101 is sufficiently different from the uno or mega to prevent the matlab support package from running. If all you are going to do is to send commands and read data for plotting you can just connect matlab to the serial port that the 101 is on and read the output data. This would like if you would be attached to processing 3.0 or earlier versions. If you want to read i2c or control pins I think you are out of luck until matlab updates there support package for the Arduino 101. I don't know much about fermata but you might have luck using fermata in conjunction with Matlab. Just a guess here.

In reviewing the links in the instructuable link in an earlier post the author provides a some very good reference sources for setting up a serial link between the Arduino and whatever computer you have it attached to. I am repeating them for your reference:

YouTube: MATLAB Arduino Tutorial 1 - Serial Connection between Arduino UNO to Matlab via USB

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