Cura: Auto leveling bed is different from print operational direction

I apologize if I am in the wrong section of these forums for my help on a custom build 3d printer.

In the print menu there is an operational window to control the Z axis

The Z axis go up/down correctly.

In the bed leveling wizard the Z-axis is flipped. Up is down and down is up.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong.


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Sorry. I didn't upload the image. I removed the link.

Still can't figure out how the print menu is different from the leveling menu

Read the forum rules please.
You give us no clue as to what the hell you are working on.

While it is probably an arduino based machine, i doubt many here are familiar with the operation and software.

Post more information, you would probably get better advice from one of the makerbot forums who will be familiar with the software, and it does sound like a software problem.

You are a pleasant one grumpy.

Boardburner 2, I'm using a Ramps 1.4 with Marlin and I do agree it could be a software problem.

I moved the question to a utimaker forum that may be better to answer my software question.

Thanks Boardburner2