CurieTimer1Interrupt sketch example bugs

I just got round to getting a couple of 101's going and noticed that the named example sketch uses type int to express microsecond multiples. Change both vars oneSecInUsec and time (bad naming choice) to long int and you're good to go.

Hi @packetmax,
would you mind opening an issue (or a pull request) on the development repo? This would ensure that the issue doesn't get lost in this thread forever :slight_smile:

The example is here:


Glad to oblige--done.

FYI the corresponding issue on Github is here CurieTimer1Interrupt example sketch bugs · Issue #390 · arduino/ArduinoCore-arc32 · GitHub

Not strictly a bug, by which I mean the example sketch works as expected, since an 'int' is 4 bytes in this case.
However, packetmax is right to mention it, we probably should be using a long here regardless. I've closed the issue but I'll be making the change as well.