Current Starter Kit Delivery Time

Hi. I’m just getting started and want to order the arduino-starter-kit but would like to know if it would arrive by 12/25/2020. Delivery would be in the US. Thanks — Mike

Kind of depends on where it comes from, don't you think? If it has to go through US customs, prepare for 2-3 months.


Good point. I'm particularly focused on the one from But have no idea where it's sourced.

The folk here are volunteers providing support for learning, we don't work for Arduino and don't have access to their order system. For what it's worth I bought some Nano Everys last week and they took about 1 week from order to delivery, that's Italy to UK.
US to UK typically takes a month, I have no idea about going the other way.

hey Perry. That helps, thanks. When I click on "Contact Us" ( the browser ( Chrome / Firefox / Safari) displays a white page. There is html on the page, mostly calling java scripts that seem to be commented out.

Is there a forum for the site admins to point this out to?

--- Mike

Hi Mike,

I have brought this to the attention of someone who is an Arduino employee, hopefully they can help.