Custom character set HD44780

Hi Folks,

I am looking for some library with symbols and characters for an HD4470. For example, some sort of potentiometer, GSM signal strenght, battery, etc.

Any advice?


I don't know of any you can grab, but you can always create your own. It isn't that difficult. They are only 5x8 pixels so it can be tough living inside that small pixel limitation.

The issue is that you only get 8 of them. For something like signal strength you may need to consider using a single custom character and then changing its definition as needed to the new glyph rather than use several of the characters with different glyphs.

For example, the most common thing for a signal strength, is to use some kind of level/bar indicator. "glyphs" can easily be created to represent each signal level. With custom characters you could either use multiple of your 8 for these different levels and then print the custom character that represents your level, or you could use a single custom character to show your "strength" and then redefine that custom character to the appropriate glyph as the strength changes.

--- bill

You do not need to define eight of them as at least four of the nine possible "bar" characters (including blank) are already defined.

Alternately, if you use only one character and continuously re-define it, you do not have to actually "print" it again.