Custom RFID cards

Hi All,

Two questions;

  1. Are all RFID card “programmable”?
    We would like to use them for access control to a remote site and would like to use random numbers for the cards. An online application will handle validation.

  2. We would like to print our own cards, They do not need to be individualized so a large order with the company name on them would do. Or we can get a card printer if they print the same as every other ID card.


I found one company online selling cards starting at 1 and had them sequentially numbered (not exactly secure) But it that is the exception, good.

As far as the printer, eBay... :D



1- First of all cards have (hopefully) a different unique code that identifies them, then depending on the card may have a memory, for example I use a 13.56MHz Mifare card system, depending on the model of the card may have a to 4K of memory, is protected by one or more keys

2-As has been said, after buying the card you can always buy a imrpessora to print them;)

Best regardings