Custom SAMD21 (Help)

I need some help
I made my first SAMD21 (ATSAMD21G18_QFN should not have used the QFN first error) project and I have alread build a protoboard.

I have something strange is happening. I will get into the details below.

I have attached a picture of the base schematic I made

Testing so far

  1. Power supply (not included is working fine (shorts, reverse polarity etc.)
  2. CPU is readable through JTAG and ICE
  3. Programing is not issue (Bootloader load fuses program etc.
  4. Bootloader mode works (but here is were the issue starts)

I have tried many bootloaders, and all have the same result.
If I double, click in the reset switch the CPU goes into bootloader mode
• Com Port connects to my PC
• Storage also comes alive (I can copy/read files in Windows) etc.

But when the CPU goes back to normal mode the drive and com port disactivates. If I put the CPU in bootloader mode and program a sketch (blink) once the sketch completes and a reset is send the CPU goes to normal mode and again com port and stoared disconnects.

Anyone have an idea what’s going on here?