Custom Shield Design, Professional PCB Design & Manufacture

Hi All!

I would like to offer a reasonably priced PCB design service for anyone that is interested.

Do you have a great idea for a shield and would like it professionally designed and manufactured?

Do you have a complex Arduino system that you would like condensed to a single board?

I work within Altium Designer and can provide all design/manufacturing files, or simply have the boards manufactured and delivered to you. Custom schematic symbols and footprints can also be created when needed.

Please email me at or reply to this thread if you would like more information. I can provide examples of my work upon request! All PCBs are guaranteed to be the highest quality.


So... how much is it?

Cheaper than itead for production or do you not do simply production?

I think most people would be interested to see some examples of your work. Got any pics hanging around online?

Who owns the rights to the work-product?

Last time I hear about similar offer, they stole designs, changed them a bit and marketed them quietly elsewhere. I tried to find that case, but couldn't. Gmail-address is not very good way to market, I wouldn't trust that.

Cheers, Kari

Hi guys,

All IP will belong to you. If you require circuit design work, I will factor rights to the design into the price. At the end of the day I am not interested in retaining IP from your idea.

For example, if you simply send me schematics and a quantity request, I will design the PCB and have it manufactured at a good price. If you send me a list of requirements such as GPS, Xbee, SD card, DAC etc. I can design the circuit and PCB but will charge a slightly higher rate according to extra design time and IP handover.

Mowcius, I am happy to use if they are your preferred supplier. I have a good factory in China that I use, but I would have to send off for a quote to give an exact price.

As for example work, I would prefer not to post images in the forum as I work for a product development company and I do not own rights to the designs. I'll see if I can dig up some older pics from products that are on the market already, that should be fine. Otherwise just email me and I'll send a few over.

I have vast experience with multilayer SMD board design, including fine pitch packages, BGA, impedance matched/differential routing etc. As well as many years experience in analog/digital design for commercial products.

It is difficult to give a generic price for a basic shield, but I'm happy to offer competitive pricing if there are other groups offering standard pricing for shield design. I would usually take a look at the circuit complexity, then quote based on the number of hours required to design the board.

Hi Kari,

As mentioned in my previous post, I am not interested in retaining IP from designs. I'm happy to sign any legal documents to formally hand over rights.

I am currently in the process of launching a website with a small group of development engineers here in Oz, through which we will be offering PCB design, software development, and EMC compliance testing across all fields and industries, not just Arduino based products. If you give me 2-3 weeks I will be changing to a legitimate email address. Hope this helps to ease your worries!


Yes. It is always more convincing if there's a company with even a little bit of name behind. :)

Cheers, Kari

Welcome to the Designers of Arduino Custom Shields (DACS) club. Just made that up.

Here's a design we took from someone's breadboard prototype (in collaboration! nothing stolen...) all the way to a full product:

We'd be happy to repeat the experience.

-- The Gadget Shield: accelerometer, RGB LED, IR transmit/receive, speaker, microphone, light sensor, potentiometer, pushbuttons

Interesting project indeed, there's an infinite number of MIDI based devices that could be bumped off an Arduino board. I worked on a MIDI controlled analog synth many years ago that would integrate nicely with this platform. May have to dig it out of the storage room one day!

For those that are interested in a custom shield quote, please email details (no need for schematics, just major components and level of work required will do) and I will provide a price.

Website will be up in a few weeks with full details of our services.