Customizing LCD font style

so I'm using an LCD 16x2 display and I want the font to be different...

Not as in large font that takes up both lines of the LCD, but just a simple redesign of the normal font.

Is that possible?? If so, please try to simplify it for me as much as possible since I'm new to arduino, and long code really scares me. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

No, you must use the built-in font that came with your 16x2 LCD.
Most have ascii letters in 0x20-0x7F and Japanese symbols in 0x80-0xFF

However some have Latin letters in 0x80-0xFF
And others have Cyrillic letters.

These might be more expensive and harder to find.
So it will be cheaper to buy a Graphics LCD like ST7920 or ST7565.
Then you can use any font that you want e.g. with U8g2lib


so I'm using an LCD 16x2 display and I want the font to be different...

That as they say, is not going to happen. It is fixed.

Except ... that you have the option to create exactly eight "custom" characters, so if you wish to have just 8 characters of a different font (at any one time), you can do that. They will appear at hex codes 00 to 08 (or 09 to 0F) so you would then have to craft your messages to include those codes.

Dang, that's unfortunate... I've seen that 8 custom character thing and it's LONG.
but thank you @david_prentice & Paul__B for the replies! The more you know :open_mouth:

Oh, the "custom character thing" is actually very useful and good fun; admittedly people do sometimes have difficulty with it.

Have you played with the Mario animation?

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So the very first thing you need to do, is to explain just in what possible manner this may even remotely relate to the thread topic "Customizing LCD font style".

If you are capable of explaining that, then we can discuss it. :roll_eyes:

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I think the nursing shoes question is spam.

Reported as such. The link appears to have been added later.