'Cut the wire' game

I'm building a game where you have to pick and cut the correct wire (out of 8 to choose from) in order to deactivate a 'bomb'.

The wires will be connected between two header sockets such as this (don't know why I missed one out, there should be a wire there):

Does anyone have any ideas as to how I should wire this up?

I'm thinking about maybe measuring the voltage using analog pins but I only have 3 to spare. Ideally, the person setting up the game will be able to choose which wire is the 'safe' wire. If it's easier to wire up I could have a choice of only 3 safe wires.

To clarify, only one wire prevents the bomb blowing up, the others will all activate a digital pin to sound the siren.

Just think, it is just a matter of looking at the i/ps in your code and the determine if the cutting (could make that i/p go from low/GND to High using internal pull-up resistor) sequence is correct.

But don't you always cut the RED wire?

HI, which arduino are you using? How many Input/Output pins do you have spare in total, you don't have to measure voltage, just if the wire is high or low.
With 8 digital inputs.
One end of each wire connected to a digital input, with internal pull ups on.
The other end of each wire connected to arduino gnd.
The cut wire will give a HIGH input on its particular input.
You could use random number generator to assign which is the HOT wire.

Tom...... :slight_smile: