I did a quick search of the forum, but 2/3 posts about this site were from me, and I couldn’t find what I was looking for.

Does anyone know anything about I too a look at my Christmas List, and almost everything on there is from CuteDigi… They seem to have a legitimate eBay account (, but I can’t find anything about the site. Any past experiences? Good, bad, ugly?

Bump :-/

It’s been a while, but I just thought I’d give an update.

I received quite a few items from CuteDigi a few weeks back, and everything was great. The shipping was fast and reasonable, and the items were of good quality.

If anyone else is wondering if they’re trustworthy, they are. :slight_smile:

I just bought their small prototype board (shield) and, while I haven’t had it long enough to use it, it looks great and the layered PCB is high quality. Shipping was fast, too.

I recently bought some items from CuteDigi on Ebay (I think some pre-bootloaded 328s or 168s, IIRC) - they worked out great for me; the shipping was very quick.


Whoa! They have an Arduino Mega for $39, including free shipping! Must keep them in mind for future purchases.

Where are you looking?

I launched from the link in your original post, and followed links from there through their eBay store to

Oh, wow!

It’s a clone, but still a great price! :smiley:

Yeah, the enlarged picture almost looks like the headers are out of line. The forum has had posts about headers being tilted and otherwise poorly constructed on some of the cheaper clones. Must keep that in mind for future purchases. :wink:

Agreed. I’d hate to see that shields don’t play well with them…

I bought the following items from
wifishield 2.0
arduino board
bread board

Within 2-3 hours response if items were on stock. Same day shipping, took only 12 working days, but that’s due to the Dutch customs. All items are working perfectly.