I have macular degeneration and I need a DARK THEME for my windows XP computer.

I finally found out that the theme.txt file of version 1.6.1 of the software can be modified, where other versions are more difficult.

I just tinker, I'm not trying to become a great software engineer, I just want to play.

Does anybody have a theme.txt file that will work with ANY particular version?

I need something that's really simple to install because I'm older and my brain doesn't work that well either.

Some years ago I had come across a picture that demonstrated which parts of the text are KEYWORDS and COMMENTS and PUNCTUATION, etc.

I've forgotten, how to find it again, so if anybody knows where that is then it would be a lot easier to modify my theme.txt file in version 1.6.1.


EMAIL me at richardws1@aol.com with the subject of THEME.TXT if you have a link for me to go to.

Hi @TECHNOYAH, this is the forum section for the web IDE, that has a dark theme option. I'll move your post in the proper section.

I have a collection of Arduino themes here: https://github.com/per1234/ino-themes/ it has two different dark themes.

Here's another one: https://github.com/jeffThompson/DarkArduinoTheme

I wrote a test sketch and documentation for customizing the Arduino IDE theme: https://github.com/per1234/ThemeTest It's written for recent versions of the Arduino IDE but much of the information will still be useful for 1.6.1. The theme system has gotten a bit more complex since then but I think with the information I've provided you should be able to use the current IDE versions without much difficulty. 1.6.1 is really outdated. There is a screenshot of the test sketch on that page but I recommend you actually install the library and view it on your IDE so that you can check the contrast of any changes you make to the theme settings.